Shrink Wrap Sleeves for Skinny Tumbler Sublimation


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  • Single
  • 5 Sleeves
  • 10 Sleeves
  • 20 Sleeves


Shrink wrap sleeves – 25.5cm long and 13cm wide (26cm circumference)

These shrink wrap sleeves are ideal to get good even pressure on your skinny tumblers when using an oven / air fryer* to sublimate your tumblers.

You can use them for other items as well, providing they will fit into the sleeve and will apply the pressure where needed for the sublimation.

The sleeves have a perforated line to make peeling them after heating easy.

Our tumblers sublimate great at 190 Celsius, 6 mins in an air fryer.

So – for those who have never used the sleeves:

1. Print your image as usual (sublimation ink, sublimation paper, mirror image)
2. Tape the design to your tumbler using heat proof tape
3. Insert tumbler into the sleeve, as central as you can.
4. Place in the air fryer (we recommend 6 minutes at 190 Celsius for our tumblers)
5. Pull out your tumbler – protect your hands from the heat (heat gloves)

*PLEASE REMEMBER – Use a SEPARATE oven or air fryer for sublimation! Not one you will use for heating foods etc afterwards!

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Single, 5 Sleeves, 10 Sleeves, 20 Sleeves


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