4 Colour Ink Syringes with Needle Extension & Cap

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Coloured syringes for refilling you printers!


Want the best ever inks, but they don’t have the Epson lid? That’s okay! You can use these syringes to get your ink into your printer! It is super easy, and having the different coloured syringes makes sure there are no mistakes! (The Cyan can look like Black sometimes!) They come with the extension needle, which is needed for filling the eco tanks, and the extensions have a cap to keep the ink from drying out in between reills, and thereby avoiding any tiny little dried lumps from getting into your printer causing problems!

I personally use these to fill both of my printers because I preference the VISION inks (sublimation and pigment ink (for stickers))- they are always bright, high quality, and no clogs in the printer head which saves a lot of time and paper! I use an Epson Workforce printer with refillable cartridges for my sublimation – it never skips a beat!


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CMYK Set 100mL (4 bottles), Black Only 100mL, Black Only 250mL, CMYK Set 100mL (4 bottles) with coloured syringes


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