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What Shipping options do you offer?

We post daily with Australia Post. The options are for Standard Parcel Post, or Express Parcel Post.

We offer Flat Rate Shipping, to make things simpler. However, some orders cannot be posted for even close to our flat rates. If the shipping cost is above $30 will be in contact with you to discuss an alternate shipping solution.

I purchased some items, but I can’t remember what they are – could you help me please?


If you log into your account with us, you will be able to look at your previous orders – that is the easiest way to figure out what you have.

If you are still unsure, you can send us an email (below), or message us via Facebook with a photo of your Unidentified Item – we will be able to assist from there. And don’t even think about feeling silly – its better to be sure of what you have!

To tell the difference between vinyl & HTV – HTV comes with a hard clear plastic transfer sheet over the ‘good’ side, whereas vinyl has no transfer film over it and has a paper-y base – if you peel just a tiny bit, the ‘pretty’ underside will be sticky.

We label things that are ‘out of the norm’ – like colour change and glow in the dark etc – so hopefully these wont get confused with other products! If there is a label on your item, that side goes down when cutting. We do not put labels on the ‘good’ side, unless clearly stated so (if there is a clear protective film, for example – this is labelled clearly).

My sublimation transfers are dull, can you help me please?

The printed sublimation paper will appear dull until transferring – this is totally normal.

If they are dull after transferring, make sure you are transferring onto polyester material, or specially coated items. Sublimation is not suitable for cotton applications, or for uncoated items.

You may need to change your temperature, time & pressure settings – ask your blanks supplier for the best settings for their products – you may still need to ‘tweak’ the settings for your setup, as every setup is slightly different.

My heat transfer print is a different colour to what is on my screen, why did this happen?

Small differences between screens and prints are normal, as each screen, printer & ink is different.

Big differences in colour are not normal. You may need to conduct maintenance on your printer. Start by printing out the “print head check” page, and follow the instructions in your printer manual.

Other reasons – You may be low on ink, refill your ink and try again. Make sure you have put the ink into the correct slot.

If you have tried the above and are still having issues, it is possible that your printer is running on an incorrect ICC profile – contact your printer manufacturer for more information on ICC profiles for your printer type.

My HTV design wont stick to my project, please help!

The first thing to check is: are you using a warm or cool peel HTV? Try waiting 10 seconds or so after pressing to see if that makes a difference. You can use Jade Cool Rocks to speed up transfers which are warm/cool peel.

The second most common issue is pressing for too long or too high temperature – this will keep the adhesive in a liquid state longer, slowing down the entire process. Longer press time and or temperature will not make your design last longer, it will just make your job harder!

Another common reason for this is SEAMS – make sure your press isn’t sitting on the seams of your garment – this will effect the heat & pressure the HTV is getting – check also for buttons, zips, pockets and collars. To get around this issue, use pressing pillows to overcome this issue.

Check ensure you are not attempting to transfer onto an item with waterproofing- while the heat transfer vinyl may stick initially, it will only be temporary and will come off after a few washes. This is true of all HTV unless otherwise specifically stated.

If you are pressing onto something that is not cotton or polyester, you will need to do some tests to check what time, pressure and temperature is best for that material.

High elastane containing materials are not suitable for HTV transfers. Sublimation or embroidery are best for this material type.

If you are still having problems, get in touch with us either by sending an email (below), or via the Facebook page – we will be able to help.

My vinyl design wont stick to my project – please help!

The first thing to check: are you trying to transfer onto silicon? No vinyl will stick to silicon!

Second thing to check: are you using the correct transfer film? If the tack on the transfer film is stronger than the tack on the vinyl, it will be difficult to transfer. This is also dependent on the item you are transferring onto – glass & metal are generally very easy to transfer decals onto, whereas wood & some plastics are a lot more difficult, there are specific techniques to make it easier, but some items are just hard work! *TIP* If you are finding it difficult to transfer your decal, try pulling the transfer film flat back against itself while rolling it off (rather than peeling). It can be a slow process, but once the decal is on & set, it will be fine.

Another fix can be to lightly spray your item with clear acrylic spray – this can allow for a more accepting base for the vinyl adhesive.

Another technique is to leave the decal & transfer film on the item for the 48 hours until the adhesive is set on the vinyl – the tack on the transfer film will not set, so will peel off much easier.

Shipping Questions
I live nearby, can I pickup instead of posting?


At the checkout, simply choose Local Pickup – 126 Crampton Road, UDUC (near Harvey) 6220 at the checkout. You will be prompted to select a day & time for collection.

If you need same day pickup, please put a note in the Notes section at the checkout – we read the Notes as they come in, and usually can sort your order quite quickly if required. If we are unable to, we will be in touch ASAP.

If you require a specific day & time, please contact us either by email (below) or Facebook/text (0498238402 / 0479136217) – we will do our best to be accommodating. Please do not take offense if we are unable to meet requirements outside of our usual work hours.

How long does it take to process my order?

We process orders daily. Your order will be dispatched either the same day, or the following working day. Orders containing Custom Prints may take a few extra days. Pickup orders can be collected on the same day, please put a Note in the Notes section of the Checkout to advise us of any urgency.

Where is my tracking number?

Your tracking number will be sent directly to your inbox via Australia Post. If you can’t find it, check your “Others”, or “Junk” folders, sometimes they sneak in there!

Also – if you have the Australia Post app linked to the same email address as provided to us, your order will appear in that app – you can redirect parcels from there also, in the event you need to change the delivery address.

If you still can’t find it, contact us, we will find it for you!

Am I able to browse in-store?

YES! Our showroom is open Wednesdays for general browsing, and we offer appointments other days of the week – call or text 0498238402 to make an appointment!

My HTV design has lifted after washing! What’s going on?

Most likely, your temperature or pressure may not have been sufficient when pressing. As you become more experienced, you’ll be able to pick up on potential issues like this before it even gets to the first wash.

Make sure you don’t wash your design for 24 hours after application, 48 hours is even better, to allow the adhesive to set fully.

Never pre-wash with fabric softener! This can add a film onto the clothing that won’t accept the adhesive of the HTV.

Never use harsh washing detergents, hot water, or hot tumble dryers as they can damage your design and displace the adhesive. Gentle wash cycles will reduce the crinkling caused by washing machines.

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