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Heat Transfer Film/ Heat Transfer Tape


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Heat transfer film is for transferring your ready-cut design to your product to ensure perfect placement.

After printing your Eco-Solvent Printable HTVDark Transfer Paper or K-Sub, cut your design with your plotter, weed it out, then simply place your Heat Transfer Tape over the design*, use yur scraper over, and peel back! Your design will stick to the tape perfectly, so you don’t need to waste time trying to place it all manually! Then, just heat press as you would any other HTV.

Also suitable for rhinestone application!

While you can use the same piece of Heat Transfer Tape multiple times, please remember that each use will lose some of the ‘stickiness’, so the results will not be as good after some uses. When you notice the stick fading, simply cut a new piece and continue on.

*Make sure your ink is completely dry before applying the Heat Transfer Film or the ink will stick to the tape & ruin your project!


12inch x 50cm, A4, 12×12, 50cm x per metre


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