Waterslide Decal Paper – Inkjet A4


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Waterslide Decals are perfect for decorating non-porous items which are solid with a smooth/glossy finish – like water bottles, candles*, internal doors, fingernail art, glassware, coasters etc.

Clear waterslide decals are for use on LIGHT coloured items.
White waterslide decals can be used on both LIGHT and DARK coloured items.

*Waterslide decals are IDEAL for personalising candles, since vinyl will not adhere to the wax.


1. Print your image with your Inkjet printer. Add registration marks if using a machine to cut the design out for you

2. Coat with clear acrylic spray – 3 times, 1 hour apart <if done incorrectly, your ink will run during Step 4!

3. Cut out your design, either using scissors/scalpel, or with your cutting machine <always cut AFTER spraying

4. Place your decal into a bowl of water. It will curl up – don’t worry. Wait 20-40 seconds, your decal will separate from the backing.

5. Slide your decal onto your item. Slide it around until it is positioned correctly. Use a tissue/cloth to soak up excess water. You may need to use a squeegee to get all the water out from under the decal, but be gentle- it is possible to tear/crack your image.

6. If your item is heat safe, place in oven at 90-120 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes to cure (for best results). If not possible, use a hair dryer or heat gun, or allow to dry naturally.

7. Enjoy your work!


-Waterslide decals are very durable

-I purchased the clear acrylic spray from my local Bunnings store.

-Be sure to remove any air/water bubbles before the decal is dry


3 Sheets Sample Pack, 10 Sheets, 25 Sheets, 100 Sheets


White, Clear


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