Waterslide Decal Sheets – Inkjet A4


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Waterslide decals are IDEAL for personalising candles!

  • 3 Sheets Sample Pack
  • 10 Sheets
  • 25 Sheets
  • 100 Sheets
  • White
  • Clear
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Waterslide Decal Sheets – Inkjet A4


Waterslide Decals are very durable and are perfect for decorating non-porous items which are solid with a smooth/glossy finish – like water bottles, candles, internal doors, fingernail art, glassware, coasters etc.

Choose from White or Clear decal sheets!

Clear waterslide decals are for use on light and clear coloured items, like bedroom doors, white water bottles, natural fingernail decoration, glassware and so on.

White waterslide decals can be used on any colour items, so are very versatile!

Waterslide decals are IDEAL for personalising candles, since vinyl will not adhere to the wax! No more just decorating the glass jars around the candles, now you can transfer onto the candles directly! Think baby showers, christening gifts, funeral celebrations etc! Waterslides are also amazing for creating nail art! Printing small decals is simple and easy!

Full instructions will come with your waterslide decal sheets. You will need a clear acrylic spray which is available easily from Bunnings.



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3 Sheets Sample Pack, 10 Sheets, 25 Sheets, 100 Sheets


White, Clear


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