Textured Glitter Adhesive Vinyl – Black


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Textured Glitter Adhesive Vinyl brings the classic bling to every crafting project!

  • 12inch x 12inch Square
  • 12inch x 50cm
  • 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4)
  • Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


Textured Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

With a whopping 21 colours, you’re sure to find the sparkly bling you’re looking for!

Available in A4, 12x12inch, 30.5cm x Half Metre Rolls & 30.5cm x Metre Rolls

Textured Glitter Adhesive Vinyl has a very strong permanent adhesive and is extremely durable. It feels rough (in a very nice way!) under your fingers, and blings beautifully with little light!

Fantastic for glassware, drink bottles, travel mugs, books, window decorations & pretty much anything else! Love glitter? Use Super Shimmer!

Use with Strong Tack Transfer Film.

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12inch x 12inch Square, 12inch x 50cm, 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4), Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


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