Sublimation Papers 100GSM/5760DPI


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Sublimation papers are for use with sublimation ink ONLY!

Sublimation printing gives the most vivid, long lasting prints possible. It can used for textiles, mugs, photo blocks, bottles, key rings, ID cards and more! You need to ensure your item has a sublimation compatible coating (they will be advertised as “sublimation blanks”).

Temperature requirements vary from 180 degrees to 210 degrees. Time varies by item, instructions should come with your sublimation blanks.

This paper is 100GSM (quite thin) with EXCELLENT ink retention & transfer. Print quality 5760 DPI.

T-shirt & Textile printing with sublimation:

Sublimation printing is for use with light and pastel coloured POLYESTER materials only. Use on cotton will give a dull print, you should always use Light Inkjet Transfer Papers for light cotton materials. A blend of polyester and cotton can work, although the more polyester in the material, the more vivid the image will be.

Sublimation requires heat presses, as home irons don’t tend to get hot enough (you can always give it a go, though!). I have found the following settings are a great starting point:

180 degrees, 50 seconds, HIGH pressure

Different printer settings and different heat press types will give different results, so have a play until you find the optimum settings for your equipment!

Pack Size

A4 50 Sheets, A4 100 Sheets, A3 10 Sheets, A3 50 Sheets


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