Outdoor Vinyl – Permanent- Tomato Red


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  • 8x12inch (approx. A4)
  • 12x12 inch (standard mat size)
  • 12 inch wide per metre
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Outdoor Permanent Vinyl

Quick Description:
For outdoor use for 5+ years – used in conjunction with lamination will give a longer lifespan. For best results: Ensure the blade is clean & sharp. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying vinyl. Best used on smooth, even surfaces. Allow 48-72 hours after application before wetting/washing/selling item.

Longer Description:
Outdoor Permanent Vinyl is absolutely a MUST-HAVE in every crafter’s vinyl collection. It’s fantastic for heaps of projects and is the cheapest type of vinyl. It has strong UV protection already. However, if you happen to have a lamination station, it certainly won’t hurt to add a little more protection.

Outdoor Permanent vinyl is commonly used for car decals, signage, drink bottles, cups, and even making stencils! (Amongst other things). Keep in mind that it will be pretty tricky to remove once the adhesive is set (after around 48-72hrs). It will leave behind a residue, tear off in strips, and possibly lift & destroy any paintwork below. There are products available (like nail polish remover & eucalyptus oil etc.) that will help in removing the residue.

Outdoor Permanent Vinyl for Stencils:
If you are using Outdoor Permanent to create stencils, make sure you remove the stencil within 24 hours of application to make removal much more manageable. Keep in mind; you can cut the designs days/weeks in advance. The 24-hour timeframe is related only to the time of application to the time of removal. It will just make life easier – don’t stress if you leave it a bit longer. Determination ( and acetone) will be on your side! Suppose you need to have the stencils longer. In that case, there are dedicated Stencil Vinyl (it is thicker, with a repositionable adhesive) for those kinds of projects -perhaps a mural or a large project which cannot complete within a day!

Selling Items with Outdoor Vinyl Decals on them:
If you are selling items with Outdoor Permanent Vinyl decals on them, I highly recommend waiting 48-72 hours after transfer before handing the item to a customer. Our Outdoor Vinyl’s adhesive is pressure sensitive, it ‘knows’ when it has been transferred and will begin the hardening process immediately. The full prcess takes 2-4 days (4 to be super safe!). If the item is played with, washed (even hand-washed), or rubbed up against something else (for example- in a backpack or handbag etc.)  during the setting phase, the adhesive may not set correctly, which may allow for lifting – which can only end in disappointment (decals not lasting on the item as long as reasonably expected). Always send care instructions with decaled items, and be sure to be clear on your advertising that it is a vinyl decal, not a print (<<handy tip from professional printing forums to avoid disgruntled customers who are disappointed at receiving an item with a “sticker” – we know its more than a “sticker” but sometimes they do not!)

Silhouette Cameo Best Settings I have found: Force: 2 Thickness: 11 Speed: Usually a 6 – but faster is fine for big, easy designs, and slow it right down for intricate designs

Additional information

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

8x12inch (approx. A4), 12×12 inch (standard mat size), 12 inch wide per metre


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