Mirror Red SAV


Knight HTV’s vinyl is high quality, durable, reliable, easy to use and looks fantastic!

Perfect for creating so many things! Drink bottles, wall decals, car decals, books – the list is endless!


  • 8x10inch (approx. A4)
  • 12x12 inch (standard mat size)
  • 12 inch wide per metre

is available on purchases between $10 and $2,000 learn more

Mirror Self Adhesive Vinyl is shinier than the Chrome range.

Mirror style vinyl is incredibly difficult to get pictures of – because they reflect everything around them! We will get better pictures up as soon as we can – but in the mean time, please look at the group picture – from left to right: Champagne, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Steel, Fuchsia, Red, Light Blue, Mint, Royal Blue, Silver.

The Silver could almost be used as an actual mirror – it is extremely shiny!

These vinyls are perfect for any application onto smooth solid surfaces – like glassware, mugs/tumblers, water bottles, containers etc. Vinyl will not stick to anything with a silicon coating. For outdoor use, avoid placing in areas with full direct hot summer sun – this will shorten the lifespan of the vinyl.

Transferring Vinyl
Use Standard Tack Transfer Tape with our  these vinyls – occasionally you may find a little residue from the transfer tape on your transferred decal, just use a little isopropyl alcohol & a tissue to wipe it straight off.

Before transferring your decal, clean your item with isopropyl alcohol to ensure the surface is free from dust, fingerprints, or any other film/lint that may be present. Once you are satisfied that it is clean, make the transfer. Use a scraper, or a credit card or similar, to stick the decal down well, then pull the transfer tape off.

Transfer Tips:

If you find your decal is sticking to the transfer tape instead of your item, try folding the transfer tape right over against itself when removing (non-sticky side flat against non-sticky side), this angle just works – providing the scraping has been done effectively.
If you are still struggling to get the decal onto your item, you can warm it slightly, with a hair dryer or heat gun, but please be careful not to burn yourself! When your item is too cold, like a glass window in winter for example, the adhesive doesn’t activate as well as it does at regular room temperatures (20-25 degrees usually) so warming it a little will help activate the adhesive & release the transfer adhesive.






Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

8x10inch (approx. A4), 12×12 inch (standard mat size), 12 inch wide per metre


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