Holographic Vinyl – Transparent Rose Gold Polka


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Holographic Vinyl is an absolute MUST-HAVE for every crafter!

  • 12inch x 12inch Square
  • 12inch x 50cm
  • 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4)
  • Per Metre (12 Inch wide)
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Holographic Vinyl

Our Transparent Rose Gold Polka has solid holographic rose gold polka dots, on a totally clear film – the white area is all transparent! This makes for some really crafty crafting, or use as an overlay!

Perfect for creating so many things! Drink bottles, mugs, wall decals, book coverings, pantry labels – the list is endless!

Although our Holographic Vinyl adhesive is permanent, it will not leave behind residue (or very little), or tear off paint* when removed, so is suitable for a wide range of applications!
While the holographic effect of the vinyl is durable in both wet and dry conditions, it may fade if left in direct sun for extended periods of time.

Use Standard Tack Transfer Tape with Holographic Vinyl.

*When applying to painted surfaces, please ensure the paint is at least 4 weeks old (so completely cured) and remove within 2 years of application to avoid damage to the paintwork.


For best results:
Ensure blade is clean & sharp. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying vinyl. Best used on smooth, even surfaces. Allow 48 hours after application before wetting/washing item.

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12inch x 12inch Square, 12inch x 50cm, 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4), Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


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