Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl – Pastel Pink


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Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl may well be the most eye catching of all! Definitely a must-have for your vinyl stash!

  • 12inch x 12inch Square
  • 12inch x 50cm
  • 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4)
  • Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyl

The Holographic Opal Series has a very obvious colour change (it’s not at all subtle!), is a gloss chameleon and has a shiny metallic mirroring effect.

The colour listed as the colours name are the *most prominent* colours – however, the *most prominent* colours can change depending on the available light, and light angles at the time!

We have:
**Light Blue / Purple
**Blue Purple
**Hot Pink /Purple
**Yellow / Pink
**Pastel Pink

These Holographic Opal Adhesive Vinyls may also change colour depending on colour of the item it is being applied to! If that item happens to be clear – you will see the colours from both sides!

Use with Standard Tack Transfer Film.

For best results:
Ensure blade is clean & sharp. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying vinyl. Best used on smooth, even surfaces. Allow 48 hours after application before wetting/washing item.




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12inch x 12inch Square, 12inch x 50cm, 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4), Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


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