Holographic Bubble Hypnosis Adhesive Vinyl – Lizard Green


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Make your creations ‘POP!’ with Holographic Bubble Hypnosis Adhesive Vinyl!

  • 12 inch x 8 inch (Approx. A4)
  • 12 inch x 12 inch
  • 12 inch x Half Metre
  • 12 inch x Metre


Holographic Bubble Hypnosis Adhesive Vinyl

This Holographic Bubble Hypnosis Adhesive Vinyl may put you into a trance with its multi-coloured circles moving in and out.. and in and out.. while creating your most amazing project yet!

Perfect for creating so many things! Drink bottles, mugs, wall decals, covering books, candle holders – the possibilities are endless! Use as the main feature, or as the finishing touches to your masterpiece!

While this is a very durable permanent vinyl, extended UV exposure may cause some fading to the holographic effects, and so we recommend this as indoor vinyl.

Use with Standard Tack Transfer Film.

For best results:
Ensure blade is clean & sharp. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying vinyl. Best used on smooth, even surfaces. Allow 48 hours after application before wetting/washing item.

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12 inch x 8 inch (Approx. A4), 12 inch x 12 inch, 12 inch x Half Metre, 12 inch x Metre


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