20oz Sublimation Snow Globe Tumbler


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DIY 20oz Sublimation Snow Globe Tumbler

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20oz Sublimation Snow Globe Tumbler

20oz Sublimation skinny stainless-steel inside tumbler – with shiny white sublimation coating, with clear acrylic compartment outer layer for creating your snow globe tumbler. Comes with a strong reusable plastic straw and a stainless-steel straw.

There is a pre-drilled hole at the bottom to make the process easier, but there is NO PLUG! You need to make the plug with resin or other methods (resin is best).

A good starting solution to use is 50:50 distilled water and magic glue. There are many formulations for the liquid, depending on your desired viscosity, you will need to experiment a bit to get the result you are wanting.

This tumbler can be use for hot or cold drinks – Avoid extreme temperatures – Do not freeze or use in dishwashers. Please note, the 20oz size is the overall size of the tumbler, not the capacity of the tumbler.

Minor defects or scratches may be present due to manual packaging by manufacturer.

How to make your snow globe tumbler:

1. Print design on sublimation paper.
2. Wrap tightly using sublimation tape. Press or use oven (Oven 3.5mins at 190C, Press 2mins 190C, turning as needed – times and temperatures are a guide only)
3. Once sublimated, glue the 2 layers together using super glue or epoxy – Prepare your epoxy. (You may use UV resin as well). Pour epoxy over the top rim, place acrylic layer, press and place under UV light (if UV resin is used), if 2-part epoxy is being used, place a heavy object over the top and let it cure completely.
4. Once cured, turn upside down and pour your glitter and liquid solution into the pre-drilled hole.
5. Seal the hole with epoxy/UV resin.
6. Love your new creation!

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