Super Gloss Glitter Mint


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These Super Gloss Glitters are super-shiny! Smooth & sparkly, these will become a favourite for sure!

Perfect for creating so many things! Drink bottles, mugs, wall decals, car decals, books – the list is endless!

The Super Shimmer Premium Craft Vinyls is not removable – it will leave behind residue when removing.

For indoor use for 5+ years & outdoor use up to 3 years
Our Premium Craft Vinyl will last longer than stated if kept out of direct sunlight

For best results:
Ensure blade is clean & sharp. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol before applying vinyl. Best used on smooth, even surfaces. Allow 48 hours after application before wetting/washing item.


12inch x 12inch Square, 12inch x 50cm, 12inch x 8inch (Approx A4), Per Metre (12 Inch wide)


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