Quick Order HTV – Holographic


  • Soft Metallic Foil Spectrum Gold
  • Soft Metallic Foil Spectrum Silver
  • Soft Metallic Foil Rainbow Prism
  • Soft Metallic Foil Silver Rainbow Flake
  • Soft Metallic Foil Rainbow Flake
  • Holographic Rainbow Flake
  • Holographic Bubblegum
  • Holographic Spectrum Silver
  • Holographic Malibu
  • Holographic Fantasy
  • Holographic Fantasy Yellow
  • Holographic White Sky
  • Holographic Black Sky
  • Holographic Black Galaxy
  • Holographic Splintered Silver
  • Holographic Splintered Gold
  • Holographic Bubble Pop
  • Holographic Snake Skin
  • Holographic Crystal Prisms
  • Holographic Square Diamonds
  • Holographic Roses
  • Opal Pink
  • Opal Copper
  • Opal Blue
  • Opal Light Blue
  • Opal Orange
  • Holographic Snowflake Red
  • Holographic Snowflake Green
  • Holographic Snowflake Black
  • 10 x 12inch
  • 12inch x 50cm
  • 50cm x metre
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Know what you need, but don’t want to scroll through the entire website to find it? Quick Order is for you!

With our most popular sizes included our Quick Order List, this will make ordering a lot faster for you!

In the Quick Order HTV – Holographic, you will find our standard Holographic range, as well as Opal & Holographic Soft Metallic Foil.

To confirm colours or descriptions, Check here> Standard Holographic HTV, Opal, Soft Metallic Foil HTV.

You can check your previous orders under My Account to see what you’ve ordered previously.


If ordering multiple metres, it will be sent as one full length wherever possible. If you’d like your metres cut into single metres, please leave a note at the checkout!


Soft Metallic Foil Spectrum Gold, Soft Metallic Foil Spectrum Silver, Soft Metallic Foil Rainbow Prism, Soft Metallic Foil Silver Rainbow Flake, Soft Metallic Foil Rainbow Flake, Holographic Rainbow Flake, Holographic Bubblegum, Holographic Spectrum Silver, Holographic Malibu, Holographic Fantasy, Holographic Fantasy Yellow, Holographic White Sky, Holographic Black Sky, Holographic Black Galaxy, Holographic Splintered Silver, Holographic Splintered Gold, Holographic Bubble Pop, Holographic Snake Skin, Holographic Crystal Prisms, Holographic Square Diamonds, Holographic Roses, Opal Pink, Opal Copper, Opal Blue, Opal Light Blue, Opal Orange, Holographic Snowflake Red, Holographic Snowflake Green, Holographic Snowflake Black


10 x 12inch, 12inch x 50cm, 50cm x metre


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